J,q,p descenders cutting off?


Im finding that ‘j,q & p’ descenders are being cut off when typing in ‘Word’
… Is this a simple problem that can be fixed by adjusting the descender height in the ‘info’ panel?

… help would be much appreciated.

Think I’ve sorted it by just adjusting the Descender height.

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Yes. And perhaps have a look at this tutorial:

Thanks! big help.

…I dont hink this is available in the trial state.
( File > Font Info > Instances > Custom Parameters enable the Windows Compatibility option in the TTFAutohint options parameter.)

This has nothing to do with TTFAutohint. You need to set the correct winDescent value in the master settings.

Yes, there is a TTFAutohint options parameter. There is no difference between the trial and the unlocked app, except for the trial period.

But as @GeorgSeifert said, your case has nothing to do with hinting.

Hey! Were you able to solve the issue? I am having the same issue but can’t figure out how to fix it using winDescent.