Jumping glyphs

hey hey.

My letters with overshoots are jumping in some zoom steps. I set all steams and alignment zones. And export with autohinting. Should I manual hint all bows? Thx for helping.

Pdf for download. (My font is on the top;)

can you post some screenshots. And in what app do test?

I put some screenshots.
This happens with Indesign and Acrobat and it doesn’t matter which resolution I choose.


This is either a problem with hinting or path direction.

Can you check the path direction to be counter clock wise for the outmost paths and clockwise for inner paths…

Can you check your alignment zones and stem values?

Oh no.
Could this be any other kind of problem?
I checked all the pathdirections and alignment zones.
It has to be something else. Should I try to hint all bows manually?

Can you send me the .glyphs and the .otf file? To support at this domain.