Jumping Glyphs

Hello, i’ve got a problem with different instances out of glyphs. If I set my different instances of my Font in a parallel Range, the glyphs seem to jump around the baseline. The instances have different descenders an ascenders but i think that isnt the problem.

Where are you testing the fonts and how are you installing them?

Have you read this:

Ive testing fonts in illustrator installed in adobe application folder and often use Font-Nuke to clean caches. When I type a font in a same textfield/textline the glyphs stand good, but a parallel field with same typografic parameters let them jump. Font with Fontlab doesnt do this. Mhh…

Illustrator can shift baselines according to the ascenders. By default, it measures the height of the lowercase d. Read this:
In the post all the way to the bottom, you will find a description on how AI does it.

Oh, ok. Thank you!