Just a few feature suggestions


Just a few feature suggestions :slight_smile:

  1. Guideline with Measurement option checked could also show a distance from sidebearings, and two crossed guidelines.

  2. When moving a node it snaps into another, but when moving a node with ctrl or alt pressed it doesn’t snap.

Good ideas! In the meantime, I can list a few workarounds:

  1. The measurement tool has this functionality, but only in text mode:

2a. Nodes actually don’t snap when you’re nudging (ctrl-alt-drag, or start dragging and add ctrl).

2b. Zoom in. The snapping only kicks in at a certain screen pixel distance.

2c. How I do it: I don’t want snapping when I work with high precision. In such cases, I switch to the arrow keys.

I also work with high precision and I find myself often trying to nudge some elements for quick testing etc. Snaping would be great.

There could be an option in preferences for such things I think.

High precision nudging! You can nudge with the arrow keys too, you know: ctrl-opt-(shift-)arrows.

I know :wink: