“Tatweel-ar” is the slang word “and does not have scientific significance” … This shows the fool who put the names of the unicode For Arabic glyphs

Scientific meaning is “Kashida-ar” and this term is in Arabic books … and also in Adobe applications

As shown in the picture

They are used in this way in Arabic Fonts

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There seem to be differen opinions about this. I asked several people about this. I’m happy to discuss this again.

Thank goodness you've found a word that the 220 million people who speak over twenty dialects of Arabic can agree on!

What is the link between “dialects” with the “terms”?

All typefaces used “in Oriental Languages” is originally taken from the Arabic calligraphy with some minor modifications or additions

Thus: Branches return of assets … and the origin of this character is Kashida

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Thread is over, it discusses only does not know.

I changed it. Thanks.

thanks a lot dear.