Keep dates on changelog

Please consider keeping dates on changelog, this is pretty standard practise in changelogs and it would help finding old versions and match old projects to the correct glyphs app version. also since older versions are not kept on the website I have to revert to time machine backups

An easy way to keep old versions is to simply remove them from the Trash after updating and store them wherever you wish. They’re numbered after updating so it’s an easy system.

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Thanks, I only realised I need to start keeping old versions recently…

For some time now, Glyphs writes the version number at the top of the file. Open it in TextMate to see it.

Yep I’m aware of this — since Version 2.3 (843), which… I can’t recall exactly when that was because there’s no date either in the changelog :frowning: (but not soon enough that my old files had the version numbers in them)

Will it be readable inside Glyphs in the future?

Older versions are not kept on the website?

Not far back enough it seems.