Keep getting 'unknown glyph' warning on export even though glyph is present in file

Each time I try to export fonts, I get the attached popup. Both dollar.bold and are present in the font and in the tnum code. I have updated and compiled Features several times. Can you help?

Do you have a Remove Glyphs or Rename Glyphs custom parameter on the No. 1 Light instance?

I have one on every instance: Remove glyphs *bold

And then on the weights where the .bold versions of some glyphs are swapped in, I have the Rename Glyphs parameters

The Rename/Remove Glyphs parameters do not influence the feature code. So if you remove all .bold glyphs, you can’t have them in the feature code.

I deleted all the .bold glyphs from the feature code (except for rlig, where I think they’re needed for VFs), and this time it exported like a little gentleman. And the .bold glyphs seem to be appearing where they ought to. Thanks, Georg!

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