Keeping Glyph Preview

Is it possible to keep a glyph’s preview screen when creating a glyph the preview background is removed upon creating a new glyph how could I keep the preview and the newer glyph.

18%20AM|198x332 ![00%20AM|198x331]

Hope I have explained myself.


18%20AM|198x332 00%20AM



To mekkablue,

Would like to see the underlining glyph as a visual for a newer design is this possible.


Why? You are not supposed to copy the system font. And it is not supposed to influence you while drawing.

If you want to see the same character in other fonts installed in the system, try the UnicodeChecker link, the arrow next to the Unicode in the grey info box.

Thats helpful, seeing a visual of a character can be a good start did not have UnicodeChecker.