Kering creating an error on exporting "syntax error at "}" missingNo File was created"


Am working on designing An Arabic font family.

The fonts exporting properly and all is fine.

I’ve created kerning groups. And once created the first kerning between two groups and export for testing, Export failed and I had this message: “syntax error at “}” missing No File was created”

Am on version 1.3.17


Can you include at least one kerning pair for latin glyphs?
If that does not help, can you send me the .glyphs file?

It works fine.

Guys, you are amazing :slight_smile:

Can i export the kerning and kerning groups to other fonts in the family?

You can import the classes in the font view with Font > Import > Metrics and select another .glyphs file.
The kerning is copied from the kerning panel. Select all and copy, switch to the other font, click in the kerning panel again and paste.

Thank you very much!