Kering Groups


Is there a way to show all kernings stored in one group in the edit view?

Because, when I select a group in the kerning palette, it does only show the master letter…

Do you mean that by clicking the left glyph in the kerning window it should add all combinations to the edit view?

That would make the kerning window useless to manage kerning as the edit view would fill up enormously.

There might be a need for checking if kerning classes are set up properly or if they work in a certain situation. We are working on that.

Yes, but left or right glyph. For example, see all the pairs for V with left group a: Va, Vagrave, Vaacute, Vacircumflex, etc. this would help a lot when making kerning exceptions! Or could there be a script that does such?

Of cours, one could just write a sample text with all the pairs in there. But sometimes I set up groups differently.

? That would be great.

Now, if you click a pair, it will add that pair (or one pair that is defined by the classes) to the edit view. If it would add all combinations, it would add a lot of text. But I could add an option to the gear menu.

That would be fantastic!