Kern Overflow Issue


The font that I’m working on right now will need several single to group and group to single pairs as this style requires. There are around 2289 pairs after cleaning-up and compressing that’ll be required to make this font work well.

Is there a way to get this to work? I did add the ‘Use Extension Kerning’ feature, but it doesn’t seem to help.


This happens if (a) your groups are large and (b) you have many exceptions. Perhaps it is better to find a different grouping if the current group setup requires a large number of exceptions.

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if you have a lot kerning between single glyphs and classes this is likely to happen. Thats why I recommend to put every glyph in a class, even if the class has only one glyph.

Ah, ok. I tried to see how to do this without disturbing the information already there as-much as possible. However, I’m not sure how to do this.

I tried creating a group for a single glyph that appears to have multiple kerning paris. When I add this group name, it does not update on the kerning table. However, when I change the name manually, glyphs crashes. The same issue I’d mentioned in an earlier post. Sometimes, the files open with this new Kern group but retains the individual glyph as-well. I’m not sure how to resolve this.

Is there a way to add a new group name, update it on the kern table and retain the values at the same time? Or is this wishful thinking :slight_smile:

After adding the classes, you need to compress the kerning from the bottom in the lower right of the kerning panel.


I’ll clean-up the groups for telugu and try to make it work. Currently I’d made groups which was a composite of the sidebearing values, base letter shape and the distance of the over-hang from the baseline. Looks like I need to find a new logic.

Besides this, I’m facing more trouble with kerning in my Kannada. I suspect something similar happening with the Telugu as-well because I notice a few values looking odd at times.

When I save a copy of the glyphs file. I see the kerning values are changing and for some reason they are listed under the wrong groups. Ex., image below. Also, there are some kerning values that are changing. Has anyone faced this issues before? Do let me know if you have any solution to this. Thanks.

If you need a kerning pair between knA and knVisarga your spacing is not good.
Kerning classes should be build based on the shape similarities.

I agree. However, what I was trying to point to is that the spacing is constantly changing every time I’m making a (save as) copy of the file. Also, the ‘groups’ are listing wrong in the kerning window. The ‘knNYE’ group is being read as ‘knA’ group. In both these files, the clean-up and compress were done so I don’t see a reason why this should happen.

I’ll be useful to know if there’s a solution this.

The kerning window does not update its selection when you move your cursor between glyphs. It is the other way around: When you click on a pair in the kerning window, then that pair is inserted in the Edit tab.

If you are on El Capitan, there are some known display issues with the kerning window. Updating to the latest cutting edge version should fix most of those.