Kern Values not working in Glyphs 3

Kern Values does not work in Glyphs 3. Downloaded Glyphs 3.0.3 (3072). Deleted Node Count because Glyphs reported a crash at start-up. Deleted and re-installed mekkablue scripts through Plug-In Manager, Deleted and re-installed Show Kern Values through Plug-In Manager as advised here.

Script “New Tab with all Group Members” runs as before, but Kern Values does not work i.e. Kern Values do not display in blue above kerning pairs in any tab. Makro Glyphs.defaults[‘com.mekkablue.KernIndicator.offset’] = 100 does not seem to run or does not take into effect.

Any advice?

View > Show Kerning Values works for me in 3.0.3 (3072):

Do you have any error messages in Window > Macro Panel when you activate it in the View menu?

Still not working here … No error messages! Can you call me after 12.00 o’clock?

Thanks for your help, Rainer :slight_smile: