Kerning a typeface family


I am making a font family with multiple weights. I am about to begin the kerning process. My thin characters aren’t as wide as my bold characters. Consequently, I might need to adjust my kerning pairs between my two masters. Are kerning distances interpolated for each of my exports between thin and bold? What is the best way to handle kerning differences between different weights of a family in Glyphs?


Hi @SamMorgan. Kerning is interpolated for exported instances. Not sure what you mean by “handle” kerning differences? You just have to do kerning for every master separately. If your spacing and kerning is set up right for the masters than anywhere in the interpolated variants it should work. Tim Arhenses plugin KernOn does an amazing job to help speed up this process.

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Thank you. To clarify, I said “handle kerning differences” because sometimes I’m unsure of the right question to ask and wanted to leave it open-ended.

It sounds like things should work if I kern my masters separately. I appreciate the link, and I’ll check it out.


You just keep editing the kerning. :wink: