Kerning from Glyphs to illustrator

Hi guys,

I am having a strange issue I have never seen before where my kerning pairs are not being transposed into illustrator. this is an obvious example of it 0 but maybe it is happening in other places. The nj kerning pair is not being recognized in Illustratior and I can’t work out why ?


Hi, thanks for the answer. yes i am testing the font in Adobe and indeed there is a kerning problem with my j and the other letters. It is looking perfect in glyohs but when i try and write it down in Illustrator there is a huge gao and essentially no kerning. So yes i have tested the fonts and they are not working but i am not sure how to fix the issue . any ideas why it may not be translating from my glypohs to my illustrator ? thanks

Can you test the font in Do you see the same issue? If it works there, then it is most probably a cache issue or an Illustrator bug.

Can you check if you have a wired set of exceptions?

HI, I am not sure that I have any exceptions set up (not exactly sure what that is but I have done a little research and I do not think so). I did use the font reference from Sebastian and it looked like it was working fine there. SO I guess it is a caches issue - do you know how I can clear my caches so i can do a final test with a fresh cache setting? but new to the caches etc but my font is ready to fully export so I guess it would be good to clear the caches first ? many hanks for your help ! Ed