Kerning group of “n”

Maybe i’m stupid but why in most font the lkg of the letter “n” is “m” and its rkg is “h”? But WHY “m”? I understood the basic concept of sharing similar shapes, but instead of this latter wouldn’t it be the same if the lkb was n, or h? And furthermore why letters like h, n, m have h as rkg? Is it the same if it was just n?

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You can call it everything you want, it is about the shape.

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personal preference i suppose
id us n on m and h rkg

Did you open the fonts from .otf files? The opentype tables don’t include the name of the classes, they are just a list of glyph names. And Glyphs picks the first in the list as the name of the class.


yes it was an .otf file.

This is not clear at all

It reuses the name of the first glyph in the group as group name.

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