Kerning group usually disappear

Glyphs2 V 2.6.7 (1359)
I got some odd error with kerning group.
Sometimes glyphs’ kerning group just got deleted even I already done with keening. It’s usually happen with only one side (mostly right). The thing is the kerning value is not disappear but the group just got disconnect with glyphs, so I have to recheck and re-assign the kerning group to the glyphs again and again.
This only happen with glyphs that’s not the same name as its kerning group.

So far I found that this issue happen with the Glyphs file that contain multiple script(Latin+Thai). And it happens with both script.

Would that be anyway to solve this issue?
Thank you for your time and explanation

Can you give some examples of kerning classes and the actual kerning (a screenshot from the kerning panel)=