Kerning is ignored in webapp

Is there a right way to export the font to preserve a kerning?
I have an app which is written in svelte/typescript and after export the PDF from the app, it’s obvious that the kerning is ignored – as you can see. On the other side, the export to jpeg is OK. Blue text is export from the app. I suppose there is some issue within communication webapp source > PDF export. Sources are .otf and woff, woff2.
Thanks for any hints!

Are you testing woff or woff2? Kerning in woff is tricky. Woff2 should work fine.

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It’s a all-in-pack otf, ttf, woff, woff2, eot to maximalize compatibility in webapp, but it’s true for the export itself from the app, it could use just woff2, maybe just otf. Will try, thx SCarewe, I didn’t know woff have kerning issues.

so the library supports only .ttf at the moment

Forget eot, please. It is not supported anywhere anymore.

The different exports show that the problem lies within the support for GPOS in the app. To make sure that it doesn’t lie within the font, you can test in Font Goggles.

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(And you should set a matching italic angel in the master settings. That will make the spacing much easier).

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