Kerning is wrong on export when there's an exception

We have 2 files that we’re trying to see what’s changed between, but a lot of kerning pairs are being reported as N/A in one file when they are clearly present in the files. Happens in Glyphs App and the MergeGlyphs app

It is clearly present in the files:

Any idea what’s going on?

Slightly off topic: Are you really sure you want to have an exception for Tbar-racute? You realise these do not appear in the same languages?

Normally I would not make that pair :blush: – it’s iKern data

The “old” font has a pair for Tbar and racute. The “new” has one for @T racute and Tbar @kgreenlandic (the racute is in this class). So there is an exception from both sides but not a glyph to glyph pair. Welcome in the land of messed up kerning.