Kerning, Kerning groups , jerking pairs

Hi guys,

I am new to this software and have been really enjoying making my first typeface but have got really unstuck with Kerning, especially with my Italic which is at varied Obliqueness ranging from 13-20 percent.

Im so confused that I cab hardly even vocalist the issue I am having … I can’t seem to understand how you get unique groups but also ones that go across musltupe glyohs at the same time. So the glyph ‘A’ has a different left kerning value in relation to ‘O’ 'B" and ‘W’, but the ‘W’ shares the same with the ‘V’, ‘Y’, but they themselves differ in relation to the ‘O’ for example . it seems they are all unique and its impossible to pour them off without making huge changes everywhere where I then get lost . I then don’t really know where I ma or what the pairs are so have no idea how to replicate it across my different wights and to the diabetics also. im lost. I hope this resonates with someone who has a smilar issue as I said I can barely even describe the issue I ma having .

thanks !

Make sure you understand the difference between spacing and kerning, there are tutorials for both of them.

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hi, yes I do understand the difference - but on my slanted typeface there is only so much I can get done with spacing as its very regular - so the kerning needs to be implemented across many pairs and its just confusing as stated above . thanks though

Did you read the Kerning tutorial? I’d guess your questions are answered there. Understand how you put groups together (in most designs W and V would reside in different groups) and how to make an exception.

Grouping is very simple: just put together glyphs which have [nearly] exactly the same shape on either side. For example, V and W can be grouped if the angle is the same, but it usually isn’t. In questionable situations, separate groups cause less trouble.
What kerning values certain combinations get is irrelevant for this.

Can you show some glyphs. I doubt that just because it is slanted and a bit irregular, you can’t get it to a decent state just with spacing.

And each glyphs can only be in one group per side.