Kerning Lost in Clip Studio Paint


I wanted to build a font so I could apply it to my designs in Clip Studio Paint.

Mac Pages seems to recognise the kerning metrics, however Clip Studio Paint doesn’t.

Please compare the letters “A T” in the attached screenshots.

Is there a way to fix this, or do any designers have a workaround method?

Can you try other fonts if they have kerning?

Yes, default fonts like Arial seem to be fine in Clip Studio Paint.

Any other? One of the more modern like Calibri? I don’t know what app but it might be that it only supports the old kern table instead of the OpenType kerning.

You can test this by adding a “Write Kern Table” custom parameter to the instance (it will not show up in the list, but it will still work).

I searched for Calibri and Gotham in CSP, but cannot find them.

I’m happy to do the test, but I don’t know how to add a custom parameter or where to add it.

Go to Font Info > Exports. There select one of the instances on the left. The click the plus button next to “Custom Parameter”. In the popup, paste “Write Kern Table” (without the quotes) and hit add. Then make sure that the checkbox is checked.


Not sure if my settings were incorrect but I still get the same issue in CSP.

I don’t know if this helps, but I compared my font (bottom) with a standard font (top) in a different design tool called Affinity Designer.

Not only is the kerning okay, but the font looks sharper.

However in CSP it doesn’t “feel” like a font at all. It acts more like image.

For example, the font is less sharp and it allows me to select text with the magic wand tool which Affinity Designer won’t let me do.

I don’t think it looks sharper. Your font is more rounded, so Arial might look sharper with its straight lines.

Does this also apply to the text set in Arial above?

Thanks for your reply.

I mean my font looks sharper in Affinity…

…than in CSP.

Yes, it also applies to the text above.

As fare as I can see, CSP doesn’t do any kerning or Opentype or anything. There are several threads on their forum about it.

And the sharpness depends on the zoom level. It is pixel based and shoes them as you zoom in.

Thanks for looking into this.

I’ll jump over to CSP and make a feature request.