Kerning not working after Export


I have fixed the kerning in my font file so that it looks fine when I type it in Glyphs, however when I export the file (using the Adobe Fonts folder) and try to use it in Illustrator, none of my kerning is brought over. From what I can see, whenever this issue has been brought up, people are told to create and use an adobe font folder to resolve caching issues, which I have done. Is there anything else I should try?


Please verify you are using the correct font, e.g. by making an obvious addition, like an extra circle in a letter.

Make sure it is not already installed, or exported twice in different formats and causing a conflict.

Make sure Metric Kerning is on in AI, not Optical Kerning.

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I believe it had been already installed and wasn’t using the newer version. When I downloaded it onto my work computer it worked as it was supposed to. Thanks!

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I ran into this last night. I spent an hour trying to figure out why my kerning updates weren’t working on export. Everything looked great in the app but illustrator wasn’t picking up the changes. I finally put a big square in one of the glyphs. It didn’t show up on export either. I realized that Font Book had an old version of the font installed. I deleted it from Font Book and Illustrator finally picked up the changes from the Adobe Fonts folder.