Kerning pair

just a simple question:
how can I create a simple kerning pair between 2 letters?
In other words, how can I add a kerning pair to the kerning panel?



You can’t add a kerning pair to the kerning panel. It is much easier to ad the pair in the edit view and it will take care of class kerning and such.


Thanks, it’s actually easy!

Hey together,

I´m stuck with the same issue. Would it be possible to post a short step by step description to kern the pair “Ta” for example.

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  1. Open a new tab and type ‘Tahoma’
  2. Move your cursor between the T and the a
  3. Kern with ctrl-alt-left/right arrow (shift-ctrl-alt-left/right arrow for increments of 10)

Hope this helps.

I was just wondering why you can’t add a kerning pair? and if you can now

Why do you want to kern by entering numbers in the kerning window?

I was wondering if there was a + function to the kerning window so you could type in the letters instead, sorry I am new to glyphs, I realise it is probably actually easier to type words out and use ctrl-alt-arrows

Much easier, yes. Take a look at the kerning video on the Get Started page (2min) and the Kerning tutorial.