Kerning stylistic alternatives

I made a font with stylistic alternatives and spaced and kerned the whole font.

But now i dont know how to kern the stylistic alternatives so say i have t.ss01 and t.ss02 and they have to be able to be used together but i cant figure out to type then into glyphs in order to actually kern them.
I click on it to bring it up and then i can type a regular t next to it to kern that pair but i cannot type the alternatives in so i cant kern t.ss01 and t.ss02 and then t.ss02 qnd t.ss01 so that they will work in either combination.

So i guess my question is when using glyphs how do i actually type my stylistic alternatives on the text screen in order to see how they function together and fix the kerning?

Cmd-F will bring up a dialogue in which you can type the name of the glyph you want to insert.

Okay thanks

You can also turn on features on the left bottom side in edit view, which is probably more convenient, especially when you’re using kerning lists