Kerning too slow using arrows

I’m working on a calligraphic typeface and the Uppercases are very big and full of swashes. So when I start the Kerning (UCase-UCase) it takes me so much time using the arrows. Even Shift+Ctlr+Option Arrows, takes a very long time. Sometimes I need a kerning of 800 and going 10-10-10 takes a long time and that’s just for 1 pair…

In my old Fontlab days I could just move the kerning space with the mouse and that was a very fast way to do it…

Any chance this could be an update on a future version? Or is there a faster way that I’m not aware of (other than manually typying the Kerning value?)?

Thank you,

You can change the steps.
copy the following into the macro window:

Glyphs.defaults["GSKerningIncrementHigh"] = 50

replace 50 with whatever works for you.
And there is also:

Glyphs.defaults["GSKerningIncrementLow"] = 5

But if you need to kern so much, maybe the spacing can be improved?

Hello Georg, thanks so much for the quick reply!
It didn’t work. Maybe it’s because I’m still using 1.4.5? Or was it supposed to work in the old version as well?

I can’t change much the spacing because it works perfectly with the Lowercases-Uppercases-Lowercases. But When it’s Uppercase-Uppercase it get’s very confusing.

Let me know if that was supposed to work on version 1. That would save me a lot of time!
Thank you!

That parameter is only available in version 2. Sorry.

Thanks again Georg! I will buy the new version shortly!
But maybe adding the additional option of kerning with the mouse might be a good new feature?