Keyboard command in Text View

I have a bunch of letters set up in text view. Is there a keyboard command to progress through this particular group of glyphs? I want to go through and see the info of each letter.

Not yet.

I’ll add scripts, so you can assign a shortcut. Will keep you posted here, hold on.

OK, update your mekkablue scripts: go to Window > Plugin Manager > Scripts, scroll all the way to the bottom, and uninstall and reinstall the mekkablue scripts.

Then you should have new scripts in Script > mekkablue > App > Navigate called Activate next/previous glyph.

You can add keyboard shortcuts in Glyphs > Preferences > Shortcuts like this:

Do you mean the text panel? Or the edit view?

Just discovered that @TimAhrens already beat me to it. In his Freemix script collection, you’ll find Edit Next/Previous Glyph scripts.

Text View. I am trying out the new scripts now. Thanks!

We call it Edit view.

Got it!

There is a command that switches the active glyph. You can find it in View > Navigation.

Working just like I wanted. Thanks!