Keyboard shortcuts broke after installing Sonoma

Hello there! I updated to Sonoma 14.1 today and now my shortcuts for navigating through layers and sample strings do not work anymore. I tried to set them up again in Glyphs settings, but without effect. Is there sth I can do to solve this problem?
Edit: Glyphs 3.2 (3223)

I just installed Sonoma and I’m having the same problem.
Glyphs 3.2 (3227)
Sonoma 14.1.1 (23B81)

I managed to get the keys back in the OS settings / keyboard.

Do you mean that you had your shortcuts set up in the system shortcuts rather than in Glyphs? Or is there some system switch I have to flip to get my shortcuts to work in Glyphs?

Also, I have found that the OS shortcut CMD+` to switch open windows sometimes does nothing in Sonoma. Other times it works.

I should add the the custom shortcuts I can’t get to work are:
CMD+Page Up for Previous Master
CMD+Page Down for Next Master
I don’t think that these are mapped to any OS level functionality. When I try to use them outside of Glyphs nothing happens. But when I use them in Glyphs I get the MacOS error beep like I would if the shortcut did not exist.

Have you set the shortcuts within the keyboard settings especially for Glyphs 3? Unfortunately my MacOS is in German so I cannot tell you the settings path until you see the app settings. In German it is: [Settings] > [Keyboard] > “Tastaturkurzbefehle” [Keyboard Shortcuts, I assume] > “App-Tastaturkurzbefehle”. Here you can add apps as you wish.
My shortcuts for Prev/Next Master is CTRL+CMD+left/right arrow, which works fine without interferring.

Welcome to the club everyone. I experienced similar phenomena when I upgraded. There has been a thread about this already though. And things got better with the recent system update.

I didn’t lose any existing shortcuts, but when I try to define new shortcuts, I can’t choose any combination that involves Page Up, Page Down, Pos 1, or End. Is that a new restriction applied by macOS, maybe?

Update: I lost them all now when I clicked the “minus” icon while the Glyphs entry was selected. Damn! But I could reconstruct them from memory:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-22 um 17.33.41