Keyboard shortcuts broke after installing Sonoma

Hello there! I updated to Sonoma 14.1 today and now my shortcuts for navigating through layers and sample strings do not work anymore. I tried to set them up again in Glyphs settings, but without effect. Is there sth I can do to solve this problem?
Edit: Glyphs 3.2 (3223)

I just installed Sonoma and I’m having the same problem.
Glyphs 3.2 (3227)
Sonoma 14.1.1 (23B81)

I managed to get the keys back in the OS settings / keyboard.

Do you mean that you had your shortcuts set up in the system shortcuts rather than in Glyphs? Or is there some system switch I have to flip to get my shortcuts to work in Glyphs?

Also, I have found that the OS shortcut CMD+` to switch open windows sometimes does nothing in Sonoma. Other times it works.

I should add the the custom shortcuts I can’t get to work are:
CMD+Page Up for Previous Master
CMD+Page Down for Next Master
I don’t think that these are mapped to any OS level functionality. When I try to use them outside of Glyphs nothing happens. But when I use them in Glyphs I get the MacOS error beep like I would if the shortcut did not exist.

Have you set the shortcuts within the keyboard settings especially for Glyphs 3? Unfortunately my MacOS is in German so I cannot tell you the settings path until you see the app settings. In German it is: [Settings] > [Keyboard] > “Tastaturkurzbefehle” [Keyboard Shortcuts, I assume] > “App-Tastaturkurzbefehle”. Here you can add apps as you wish.
My shortcuts for Prev/Next Master is CTRL+CMD+left/right arrow, which works fine without interferring.

Welcome to the club everyone. I experienced similar phenomena when I upgraded. There has been a thread about this already though. And things got better with the recent system update.

I didn’t lose any existing shortcuts, but when I try to define new shortcuts, I can’t choose any combination that involves Page Up, Page Down, Pos 1, or End. Is that a new restriction applied by macOS, maybe?

Update: I lost them all now when I clicked the “minus” icon while the Glyphs entry was selected. Damn! But I could reconstruct them from memory:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-11-22 um 17.33.41

Has there been any progress with this?

Any news on this? I just upgraded to macOS Sonoma today and found out that the shortcuts for previous/next master are not working any more, even if I set them explicitly.

What does the menu look like and what are the keys you are pressing?

For example, for me on Sonoma the menu looks like this:

In a Mac menu, symbols have the following meanings:

  • Page Up
  • Page Down
  • Home
  • End
  • Arrow Up
  • Arrow Down

On my MacBook keyboard (without dedicated Page Up and Page Down keys), I can use

  • Option-Function-Arrow-Up (Previous Master)
  • Option-Function-Arrow-Down (Next Master)

On my computer (iMac with Sonoma, keyboard with numeric keypad) the menu looks like this:

Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 09.34.24

Some notes:

  • All of these work if I use the menu.
  • With keyboard shortcuts, everything works except previous/next master. Btw, I am getting this short sound if I try.
  • Setting different shortcuts such as ⌥↑ via Glyphs->Settings does not help.
  • FWIW, in the Settings dialog, Glyphs shows different characters: If I press ⌥⤒ it will show ⌥↖. If I press ⌥↓ it will show ⌥⇟. If I press ⌘⏶ it will show ⌘↑. (This does not mean that what is displayed actually works).
  • After re-starting Glyphs, it forgets the shortcuts I set with ⌘⏶ but it remembers them if I use ⌥↓. They still don’t work, though.

I believe that Command-Arrow shortcuts (like ⌘⏶) are treated in a special way by Glyphs, since these shortcuts move nodes and are part of the “core” editing shortcuts that cannot be changed. That is why your custom key mapping is not effective.

Setting custom shortcuts in-app is something that macOS does not make easy for us app developers. We’ll investigate better ways to make this more reliable. For now, relaunching Glyphs after setting custom shortcuts works for me, but some shortcuts can also be set without relaunching.

The symbols in the Mac menus changed a few releases ago (Big Sur, I believe), after Glyphs 3. But you are right, on newer OS we should also update the settings window to reflect the new menu symbols in-app.

Do the shortcuts work if you remove the custom shortcuts (click the x-symbol) and relaunch?

Oh, they do! I will need to get used to ⌥↑ and ⌥↓ then.

What other shortcuts would you prefer? I’ll have a look why you might not be able to set them and if there is a workaround.

Thinking about it, the default shortcuts for Previous/Next Master seem just fine. Switching the masters via ⌥↑ and ⌥↓ makes sense as the other navigation is also in that block of keys.

Btw, in many years of using Glyphs, I have never had any use for “Show Previous/Next Glyph” , I always want “Show Previous/Next Glyph from Font View”. I’d prefer to have the latter via plain ⤒ and ⤓ (and even scrap “Show Previous/Next Glyph” entirely tbh.)

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