Keyboard shortcuts for transform origin

might there be any keyboard shortcuts for the origin points for transformations? I often find myself switching between bottom left and centre (in the main) and it would be nice to have a way to make the switches without hunting and pecking in the panel

Just to be sure, you mean these origin point options from the Transformations palette:

And not these origin options in the Info box of the current selection:


yes, I mean the ones in the palette

I have an elaborate keyboard setup and I like to use it to work intuitively with the transformation tools whilst designing. having the hook of keyboard shortcuts for these would enable me to link these to specific keystrokes (number pad etc.)

You can install the “Florian Pircher” scripts from WindowPlugin ManagerScripts.

Once installed, relaunch Glyphs and now you can set shortcuts for the various transformation origin options in GlyphsSettings…ShortcutsScriptsFlorian PircherTransformation Origin. Relaunch Glyphs again for the shortcuts to be effective.

One downside is that currently the selected point in the palette does not visually change to reflect the option you selected with the script. So: these scripts do change the origin point that is used for the various transformations, but visually you do not get any indication of this origin change.

it looks like you made this script to solve my problem Florian, if so, thank you. will give it a go. Hopefully you can work this into the main app at some point (with the visual indications)