Language support in a font

With much interest I am following the LOCL features that appear in the tutorial list. These have already passed:

Now is my question, how much more of these features are there? I know not every font contains them, but what does a font have to support before considered ‘supporting all languages?’ With all languages, I mean all Latin scripts (for this question).

Is there somewhere some extra information about these special cases?

You can have special glyphs for literally any language with a .loclXXX suffix, given that there is a code for the language and the language is supported somewhere.

Some special tricks are listed in the appendix of the handbook.

And all Latin script languages… that goes very far. We once tried putting together a list of all Latin script languages spoken in Europe alone, that would be covered by a standard glyph set we defined. Endless and fruitless linguistic discussions about what constitutes a language and where to draw the line. And lack of sources on minority languages.

Underware did quite extensive research about language coverage:
It is a great resource.

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Again many thanks for the information, both of you :slight_smile:

Hi! Could you please explain me how to activate Georgian language at Glyphs App “languages bar”? Thank you in advance.

You can’t. I have to do that. But you can add a list filter that has the same functionality.
Do you have a list of glyphs needed to support Georgian? Then I you add it.

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I will try to solve it with “add a list filter” and will wait for Your original tools.
Now I’m working with Latin and Cyrillic sets. The next step is Greek, and Armenian / Georgian – probably. I am a graphic designer and “python programming” is not my field at all. :confused:
(I saw a list of Georgian Unicode characters here:
Thank you for your feedback.