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Is there an exact list of countries for the languages categorized as Basic Latin, Western, South Eastern and Central European?

There cannot be a precise answer to the question because you would first need to define what you consider a language and tell us what the language has to do with a country. And that is a pretty difficult political and linguistic question. Only living languages? Only recognized minorities and official state languages? Minimum amount of speakers? Minimum amount of written use? Politically recognized and undisputed as language? Also artificial languages? What orthographies? Outdated or only current ones? Only official ones? And what if there is no official orthography?

You can tell I once tried to answer that question already, and I gave up at one point. But we have pretty much everything covered in Europe, including Greenlandic, Moldavian, Lower Sorbian and Northern Sami. It does not include Esperanto, though. And a lot of what is written in Latin outside of Europe, like Afrikaans or Bahasa Indonesia.

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You could do what I did: determine what I wanted to support and establish a Custom Filter covering all the relevant Unicode values. That became my default.

It has the added convenience of being able to exclude a particular language if the font you are working on just cannot be adapted to work well (or at all).

FWIW, take a look at the answers in the thread:

Or if your client desperately wants a list of languages, you can install it in FontBook, and copy the list of languages FontBook tells you in the info.

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Rainer, thanks a lot this is exactly what I needed!