Languages in font menu (MS Word)

Weird question: Is there any possibility to control the display of the language support in MS Word font menus? Let’s say a font has Cyrillic, Greek and Arabic and Latin. Is it possible to decide what is shown? And… is it possible to not show any language there, and just have the name in Latin (even if it contains Cyrillic) or Greek? What controls this? Anything in the font, or is it MS Word-related?

02-Font Drop-down Menu

I assume MS Word does some heuristics (glyph set, Unicode ranges, encodings, possibly PANOSE). But perhaps someone from Microsoft can shed light on this? @robmck?

Haha, I tried so many times to get a reply from Microsoft on different matters… :joy:

I’ll answer myself here, just so if anyone else has the same issue. I exported the same font in Glyphs 3 and the Cyrillic preview disappeared. So it seems there is something with Glyphs 2 that adds this preview?

You can compare the OTFs (TTFs?) in OTMaster or FontTableViewer.

Afaik this is controlled by supported Unicode ranges, but I do not know yet how exactly. First set them according to the spec (which leaves some room for interpretation, do not use Russian software for this, FontCreator does it well) then test, and if you don’t like what you see, trial and error with the ranges bits. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice, but it really seems to work out of the box from Glyphs 3, so I will not spend any time scratching my head over this. Still puzzled over the fact that you can not name a font to anything with “nor” in the family name and get it to work with Office, but that is another story. :slight_smile: