Lasso not showing

I’m not getting any visual feedback when using the lasso tool, standard selection tool is fine. do I do something wrong?

Works for me.


You have restarted Glyphs, I suppose?

yes, I did, still no highlight. but shortly afterwards, I noticed it was working again. so something is up, no idea what

I found the problem. When you switch to the lasso tool, it sometimes gets stuck. Switching to a different app or window will unstuck it. I tried to fix that a while ago and didn’t have enough time back then.

makes sense. I only use it occasionally, but it’s nice to have. fingers crossed

I installed the latest big update with hopes of finally getting the select lasso, still disappointed. I don’t think it unreasonable of me to want this, as you have a movie of it on your homepage, so you must feel it’s an important part of Glyphs

You should find it here.
Sometimes, you need to switch to another window and back after you changed the tools. I’ll improve that ASAP.