lastChange GSGlyph value not exposed for script access?

It looks like the GSGlyph lastChange value is not exposed for script access. Or, have I just not looked in the right spot for it, yet?

While investigating this, I also noticed that lastChange times are only stored per glyph and not per layer in the .glyphs file. So, there’s no way to see when a layer changed unless it has been kept in the layer name. And, no mechanism to tell when, for example, the Regular master layer was changed after the Bold master layer for a glyph.

The scenario I was working on:

  • Created a bunch of small caps .sc glyphs from the capital forms.
  • Modified some of the capital forms.
  • Wanted to quickly show the .sc glyphs that were older than the related capital glyphs to see which might require updating.

It is accessible but not covered by the wrapper. You can use the standard pyObjC methods:

the getter:

the setter:

Thanks! I should’ve just been thinking in Objective-C.

for the next time use

An explanation of the method names: