Latin Plus Top 12

I have put together a Glyphs list of Underware’s Latin Plus languages ordered by number of speakers listed here:

This consists of a folder containing the Top 12 Languages and also some other assorted languages that are important for me eg. Dutch, Danish. Some of these might not be relevant to you, but I have included them anyway as they are easy to remove. In short I realised I was adding glyphs that are required for languages like Esperanto, but overlooking glyphs used in Dutch and other more commonly used languages, so I put these lists together to try and use my time in a better way.

Note that accented characters in each list are duplicated, but it makes it very easy to see which languages are supported and which glyphs are used by each individual language.

To add these lists to Glyphs:

  1. Hold down the Alt key and click on the Go menu in the OS X Finder.
  2. Go to Library.
  3. Go to Application Support > Glyphs
  4. Open CustomFilter.plist in a text editor. Make a backup of this file first if you’re not familiar with this kind of XML editing in case you need to revert back to the original.
  5. Paste the XML from the attached file into the list. I pasted it into line 485 under the Windows 1252 filter (see image below).
  6. Quit and restart Glyphs.

Latin Plus (2.3 KB)