Layer Palette – Multiple Layer Clean-up

Hi All

I’m working on a layered font. I’ve created my masters by copying the original design and I’m now editing them. All fine.

Naturally, the copied masters retain the various working layers I’d made for each glyph but these are now clogging up the layers palette which I’m using constantly to turn the visibility of the masters on/off.

The only way I’ve found to delete them is one by one using the minus icon at the bottom of the palette. I can’t seem to select multiple layers to delete them. Is there another way?



Take a look at my scripts on GitHub. There is one called Delete all Non-Master Layers. Should be easy to adapt if it doesn’t exactly do what you want.

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Thanks Rainer. Much appreciated.

I would like to clean-up non master Layers, but leave only the latest revision of them. Is there good way ?

BTW does it make a difference in terms of final exported fonts size; if the unused layers are not cleaned up, as well as background?

No. They are just for you. The only layers that are effective are Brace and Bracket layers.

A simple Python script can do that. Look at my Delete all Non-Master Layers script and adapt it to your needs.

Anyway, I could remove all of unnecessary layers, Thanks !!