Layers with no text

I don’t know exactly why (since different people worked on this file) but I have a lot of glyphs with layers that contain nothing.

Does anyone know why this is happening and if there is any way to remove them?


This are layers without a name. I don’t know how that happens.

I know they are layers without a name. The thing is that I have them (always two layers) on the entire font and I don’t understand why. I have some glyphs with outlines on them, but most of the characters have nothing inside those layers.

Well it’s not a major problem. I’m removing them one by one while I’m drawing. I just would like to know why that happened and if there was a faster way to remove them.

You can select all glyphs and run my Masters > Delete all non-master layers script from my repo.

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It is not exactly what I need, since I just want to delete the layers that contain nothing inside.
Thanks anyway @mekkablue

You mean empty layers, as in ‘containing no paths and no components’? Try this snippet in the Macro Window, it will clean out empty layers of selected glyphs:

thisFont = Glyphs.font # frontmost font
selectedLayers = thisFont.selectedLayers # active layers of selected glyphs
for thisGlyph in [l.parent for l in selectedLayers]:
	# step backwards through indexes of glyph layers,
	# so you can delete layers without messing up indexes:
	for i in range(len(thisGlyph.layers))[::-1]:
		thisLayer = thisGlyph.layers[i]
		# must not be a master or special layer:
		if (thisLayer.associatedMasterId != thisLayer.layerId) and (not thisLayer.isSpecialLayer):
			# must be empty:
			if len(thisLayer.paths) == 0 and len(thisLayer.components) == 0:
				del thisGlyph.layers[i]
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@mekkablue :raised_hands: