Lazy Symbol Glyphs - Adjust Weight?


I’m using the “Add missing symbol glyphs” parameter to generate symbols as detailed in the Lazy Symbol Glyphs tutorial. I saw something about it no longer being supported although it seems to mostly be working…the issue I have is that the weight of the symbols generated is off but only in the thinnest weight… is there any way to rectify this? (Screenshot attached, the text is the weight I’m looking to match)

I don’t think so. I suppose it cannot go beyond its minimum and maximum weights.

Thank you for your response, do you have any build scripts that might solve this?

  • You could try thinning them out a bit more with Offset Paths. But I cannot spare you from manually editing the shapes.
  • I would not bother about insignificant glyphs like partialdiff, lozenge, summation, product
  • leave estimated as it is (in fact, take the mekkablue build script for estimated, it is predefined in a legal text

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated