Ldotaccent takes periodcentered, not dot accent

It’s quite usual that the period and the dotaccent have different design. Period if often larger for instance.

The ldotaccent in Glyphs is built from l + periodcentered, but it would be better if it was built from l + dotaccent. Perhaps a change there also while updating the XML-file?



Technically, the dot in ella geminada is a periodcentered. And even the dot accent may not be appropriate, especially in very bold designs. Thus, many designs have their own dot for the ldot. Some of the precompositions should be understood only as a first step, like the ones for Æ and

The ldot is hardly use anymore today. As the page above points out,

Some typefaces contain the Ŀ or ŀ (Ldot, ldot) characters; however, most common is the use of individual dot (periodcentered, Unicode 00B7)

I have made extensive research on how frequently which characters occur in real-world usage and found that in 99% of the cases, the l+periodcentered was used instead of the ldot. I am not even including the ldot in my webfonts or office fonts anymore.

On the other hand, if you think the Catalan dot should be smaller than the period then you should make the periodcentered smaller. More importantly, make sure it is appropriately spaced and/or kerned with the l. That is more important than worrying about the pre-composed version which is not used anyway. Most fonts have a far too loosely spaced periodcentered for words like “col·lecció”.

Oh, and now we see that Georg’s Graublau Sans used on this website (1) has the ldot stripped like I do it and (2) has a somewhat too loosely spaced periodcentered (at least for my taste).

It is a little more complicated: Ldot/ldot should not be used as a character. It is officially a legacy compatibility character for ISO/IEC 6937. So, for backwards compatibility, you may want to have a glyph with that Unicode value in your font.

But it is still pretty often used as a glyph for substitution. If you have periodcentered, L/l and Ldot/ldot in your font, Glyphs will autogenerate this in locl:

language CAT;
sub l’ periodcentered’ l by ldot;
sub L’ periodcentered’ L by Ldot;

Here, I explained it in detail:

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Glyphs is not dealing properly with the fact of having ldot and ldotaccent on the same font file. When I open ldotaccent, glyphs opens ldot. Strange things happening. Any help?

This might happen sometimes that two glyphs get the same unicode by accident. ldotaccent is an alias for ldot, so you only need one of the two.

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