Letter preview in Glyph Overview too big

Hey everyone,

In the overview, every glyph is displayed way too big. I sadly do not remember when this error occured or what I did before. Does someone know how to fix it?
Couldn’t find something close to this problem in the forum.

Best, Daniel

Can you show the setting for Units per Em in Font Info > Font and the metrics settings of your masters?

it is set to 1000 units per Em
grid spacing 1, subdivision 1 if that makes a difference.

Can you check Font Info > Masters?

Got it: The custom parameter section contained declarations for ascender and descender, both counting 10 (idk why I did this) - changing the value didn’t work out, deleting them did. When I now add asc/desc values there the letters are displayed in regular size again. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

just add the values in the Metrics section. No custom parameters.