Letter Spacing


What I want to do is to change letter spacing of a readymade font and save it as a new ttf file.
Lets say I want to use Myriad Bold with 0.05em letter spacing. So I want to edit (add) 0.05em spacing on readymade spacing.

Is that possible, and if it is, how can I do that easily?

Thank you.

You can do it, but you would change a lot more in the font than just the spacing. Read this please:

But this edit makes no sense. Why don’t you just add a little spacing in InDesign?

If it is a commercial font, the license may not permit you to do that.

How can I achieve what I want, could you please explain?

Simply select the text in whichever layout app you are using (InDesign, XPress, etc.) and increase its spacing. If you do not know how to do that, please refer to the documentation of the app you want to use your font in.

The problem is with webfonts. Some browser do not allow fined enough settings for spacing. But the fontsquirrel web font generator has an option for changing the spacing.

When did you get the font? What year?