Letters not showing up in generated OTFs seemingly at random

I’m trying to make a geometric sans-serif using automatic filters to add offset curves. I’m then testing this font by exporting it to a file where it can be picked up by an @font-face block and shown in a browser. I’ve got letters for the /

How do you install the font?
Do you know this: http://glyphsapp.com/blog/testing-your-fonts-in-adobe-apps

I’m exporting to ~/Dropbox/Projects/AbbotsMortonExperiment/AbbotsMortonExperiment-Regular.otf and the HTML file I’m using to preview the font in simply picks it up with

@font-face {
font-family: AME;
src: url(AbbotsMortonExperiment-Regular.otf);

The page is then reloaded automatically for me using LiveReload.

I don’t think this font has ever been given to Font Book.

I’ve added the Remove Overlaps filter, so now my filters look like this:

Filter = “GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve; 50; 50; 1; 0.5;”;
Filter = “GlyphsFilterRemoveOverlap;”;

This seems to make the glyph generation somewhat more reliable, but it seems like I need to export twice for a proper .otf file to get generated.

My current workflow is something like this:

  • adjust a glyph (say, zoo-Qs)
  • save
  • press F5 (I’ve bound this to Update Glyph Info)

Yes, the Offset Curve parameter usually needs a second go. But then it works.