License not recognized

Hi guys

I had to format my drive and do a clean install. My license file is now not recognized by the app?

It says: The document could not be opened. Glyphs cannot open files in the “Glyphs License” format.


What versions of Glyphs do you have? And do you have a matching license file?

Glyphs 2. I have the same license file I was using on Glyphs 1. I had bought it one month before the release of 2. It worked fine on my other workstation. Can you supply me with a newer version of the license?

you should have received a email with a coupon code to get a Glyphs 2 license.

You are right. I didn’t remember that there was a Glyphs 2 license. Thanks! You can delete this thread I guess.

Hi @GeorgSeifert, I have the same issue as kosbarts… Is there anything i can do?

Did you upgrade your license to Glyphs 2?

No @mekkablue - how do i go about doing so?

How to upgrade from v1 to v2 is explained on

Ah i see. Unfortunately i no longer have access to the email used to purchase the original license, so i would not of received the coupon!

Please send an email to Anna (at) (this website without www), explaining your problem and mentioning the original email address you registered with.

ok, will do - thanks @mekkablue

I’m having this problem now. Got a new Mac, but my Glyphs 2 license file doesn’t seem to be recognized by v. 2.4. If I double-click on it, Glyphs opens, but only tells me the trial period has ended. I don’t think I have a more recent license file.

Can you send me the license file by email? I will see if it got garbled.


Any luck? Kind of stuck at the moment.

Got it working. Apparently, the file “com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs2.plist” in /Library/Preferences was not copied over properly by the Migration Assistant (zero k). I copied the one from my laptop and, after a couple of tries, it recognized the license file.

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I guess it was:


(Note the tilde at the beginning, signifying your user library, rather than the system-wide one.)

No, it was the system-wide one. Not a typo.

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After deleting the empty file and copying the good file from my laptop to /Library/Preferences/ on my new Mac, when I started Glyphs, I got a message about the license not being correct (or something to that effect–don’t remember the exact wording), not the trial expiration notice. I quit Glyphs, and then dragged the license file onto the app. It repeated the license problem message, but when I closed the dialog, another popped up saying that the license was accepted.

(This is all from memory from two days ago, so I may have missed something, but this is how I remember it.)