Liga problem ( Make OTF error)

What this error means? How can I fix this error…

That means that that GSUB LookupType 4 (ligature feature in your case) has exceed the limit of 64 Kbyte imposed by the maximum size possible for a 16-bit offset field. You can solve that distributing your liga feature among different lookups, that in order to distribute all substitutions in smaller subtables.
If for any reason you can’t do that, you can change the offset limit from 16 bits to 32 bits using the keyword useExtension after the lookup’s label.

lookup My_ligatures_part_1 useExtension {
 # a bunch of ligature substitution of the ame type
} My_ligatures_part_1;


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I solved the problem!! Thank you so much!!

With Nicolas solution or with a solution of your own?