Ligature script not auto-generated

Using build 3046, some of my ligatures do not have the script autogenerated. I have a glyph named u0266D_u0266D.liga, and I expect a line that reads sub u0266D u0266D by u0266D_u0266D.liga; to be generated, but it is not. There is also no error. If I manually write the same line in a liga file, it works as expected in the exported file.

You mean uni266D? And why not flat-musical instead?

The font I’m modeling uses u0266D, so I was using it as well. It seems to be a pretty well supported font. (It’s a SIL OFL font called Academico from the music/audio software team at Steinberg.) If I change it to flat-musical, the ligatures are generated correctly, so I’ll go with that.