Ligatures / Contextual Alternatives Inconsistency between Programs

First post, so apologies if I forget any necessary information.
I am currently developing a font that relies heavily on Ligatures and Contextual Alternatives (the font is based on Tengwar, or the elvish language used in the Lord of the Rings). Both ligatures and CAs work PERFECTLY in Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft PowerPoint. The ligatures work fine in Photoshop, but the CAs rarely work (I have a file open right now where, typing the same thing, it works on one instance and doesn’t work on the other)(And yes, both the Ligatures and CA options are active). Lastly, nothing works in Microsoft Word (even after turning on the Ligatures / CAs).

What can I try? Or, what more information can I provide?
Thank you for your help!

Word is very picky with the Languagesystems. make sure those are set.

Can you elaborate on what you mean by setting the Language Systems? Is that something I change in Glyphs or Word?

This has to be set in Glyphs. It will be automatically generated if you press the update button in font info > features.

Thank you! I will look into this! Is there a specific languagesystem I should try first that best cooperates with Word?

PowerPoint? Are you sure? How did you get features to work in that app?

I don’t know what black magic it is; I just tested it out and it works perfectly (on my copy. I had a friend test it on his computer and it had the same functionality as Word). Settings-wise, I changed nothing.