Ligatures from subset characters

I have a font with a subset (ss01). Now I want to make a ligature for a.ss01 followed by another a.ss01. I made a glyphs named a.ss01_a.ss01. In the dlig feature the rule is automatically generated:
sub a.ss01 a.ss01 by a.ss01_a.ss01;
But in InDesign (with otf-font installed in the Font map of Adobe InDesign) the two characters aren’t replaced by the ligature when I check ‘Stylistic Set 1’ and ‘Discretionary Ligatures’.
I tried if it helped when I renamed the ligature to a_a.ss01 and renamed the feature to
sub a.ss01 a.ss01 by a_a.ss01;
but that didn’t solve the problem.

The strange thing is that the feature worked well a year ago when I made a first version of this font with an earlier version of GlyphsApp. Do you have any idea how I can solve the problem?

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That depends on the feature order. If the liga feature comes before the ss01 feature, there is no a.ss01 yet. Move the ss01 feature above the liga feature.

Just as simple as that! Thanks a lot.