Ligatures not working in


I create fonts with an opportunity to choose a glyph via ligatures, for instance you can type A+ or A++ and get alternate. I name glyphs A_plus.liga, compile feature, so everything is working properly in Adobe, Figma, but not in Canva.

Curiously that the font I uploaded a few years ago is working properly in Canva! That was created in 2016 with same idea of using ligatures, so I can’t figure out what has happened. Any ideas? I use both Glyphs 2 and 3 versions.

Thank you for support!


I think I found a solution, but I still need help.

I compared two fonts and noticed that old one used ccmp feature so I adapted it:

lookup ccmp_latn_2 {
	script latn;
	lookupflag 0;
	sub A plus by A_plus;
	sub A plus plus by A_plus_plus;
} ccmp_latn_2;

The only problem is that I need to create the code manually, but previously it was generated automatically.

Any suggestions how can I generate it automatically?


Another update, I copied part of generated code from liga feature.

Finally my font is working in Canva :slight_smile: