Ligatures only work in one language

How do I get my ligatures to work in all languages [currently it only works if the language in InDesign is set to Hebrew]?

You would have to leave out script and/or language tags in the feature code.

I did that, but still doesn’t work…

with English -

with Hebrew -

Which ligatures? Possible that the InDesign layout engine (which composer?) triggers certain scripts only with certain set languages.

That is to be expected, I presume. Latin/English will not trigger RTL ligatures.

Is there a way to workaround this???

You would have to repeat the rules outside of an RTL-flagged lookup. And to be safe, repeat them again in reverse order.

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Tried, but doesn’t work…

The text direction is a property of the script, there is no way to get around that with OpenType. Why do you need to get the ligatures to work with English language settings?

I’m not sure the Hebrew features above can be achieved with a liga coding;
The above posted code seems to be more like a SALT.
I’d also check the naming; ie. finalmem.wide unicode.