Line-height Variable Font?

Hey there,
somehow in some MacOS programs (TextEdit, Keynote… unfortunately I can’t test Windows) the glyph height of my variable font is not output correctly, so that the line spacing is not correct and the font in tables hits too far above. For illustration I have also output the font as otf which worked fine.
Do you know what the problem could be?
Thanks a lot!

Does this only happen in TextEdit? Does the same happen on, or in Adobe apps?

it does also appear in Preview, ID and XD, but looks nearly the same in the Gauntlet. Hm

Do you have the custom parameter “Use Typo Metrics” set to True (checkbox ticked) in Font Info – Font?

Otherwise, if you like, you can send over your working file and/or the exports you are using and I will have a look.

I set the parameter and checked it, but unfortunately it didn’t change anything.
If I could send you the working file as well as the exported font so that you could have a look at it, that would be awesome.
To which address should I send the files?
Thank you in advance

You need to sync the hhea metrics with the typo metrics. There’s a tutorial called Vertical Metrics that explains it in detail.