Line spacing PowerPoint

My client would like closer default line spacing within PowerPoint. I’ve looked at the Vertical Metrics tutorial But I’ve been struggling to resolve the issue, perhaps I am missing something obvious. I’m happy to make a version for PowerPoint alone at this stage…

I’ve compared my font to others of similar proportions and some others do seem to have tighter spacing.

Can anyone shed some light, or I can share my TTF file if that helps.

Many thanks,


I would assume that if you have Use Typo Metrics active that the default line spacing will be typoAscender+typoDescender+typoLineGap. But perhaps Powerpoint measures your highest and lowest glyphs.

Yes I have Use Typo Metrics active.

I’ve noticed that if I triple my Descender values it seems to have helped the padding above the letters. But still doesn’t resolve the spacing below… But I know this is not ideal, do I need to play or alter my typoLineGap settings further?

IIRC the typoDescender needs to be a negative number.