Linking metric between masters


I’ve finally created two styles using masters and instances (regular and embossed) by transforming and copy/pasting characters from AI, sizing up and copy pasting coordinates from Regular to Embossed. I’m now finding that there are some problems I missed with spacing in the Regular style and will now have to change all of those plus the spacing in Embossed. Is there an easier way to have all Masters share exactly the same metrics while editing?


There is a custom parameter for that. In file > font Info > Masters > custom parameters look for a parameter called Link Metrics to First Master or something like that (from the top of my head, not on my Mac now).


Thanks for the reply. I tried that per your suggestion but I may have asked for the wrong thing. I’m looking to have updates to things like kerning, size, side bearings etc. automatically sync between styles, for ex. if I change the kerning between “regular” master L and S, it changes in the hatched style as well. This doesn’t seem to be happening currently even after I update the metrics or have them in the same kerning groups.


It is Link Metrics With First Master. add that parameter to the second masters custom parameters.


Ah - that worked. I think had chosen the right custom parameter but put it on the wrong master. It seems to be compensating for the different widths by giving the 2 styles different side bearings when I change them, which is what it should be doing, but because they are different numbers I get the warning signs on all the characters and can’t update metrics on the side bearing. Is there any way to get rid of the warning signs? Not the end of the world if I cannot, just curious.


You could use metrics keys for the first master only if you add them on the first master with a == prefix